Tenancy And Property Fees

Pre-Tenancy Fees:
Holding Deposit Equivalent to one weeks rent
Tenant Security Deposit / Bond Equivalent to 6 weeks rent
Company / Charity Referencing Checks £300.00
Duplicate Documents:
Occupation Contracts £5.00
Flats Manual £15.00
Tenancy Fees (late rent):
1st letter, text, email or phone call £0.00
2nd letter, text, email or phone call £3.00
3rd letter, text, email or phone call £5.00 (each time)
Late Payment Fee as per AST £25.00
Breach of Contract Letter £25.00
Keys and Lock-outs:
Duplicate keys £5.00 (from)
Replacement locks £25.00 (from)
Lock-Outs between:
9am & 5pm Weekdays (office hours) £25.00
Out of office hours £75.00
Other Charges:
Bounced Cheques £35.00
Unnecessary fire alarm activations:
Office hours £35.00
Out of office hours £75.00
Missed appointment £50.00
Call Out Charge- direct result of action caused by contract holder £75.00
Soiled / Stained Mattress Replacement & Disposal £230.00
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